Ortwin Wendt is the driving force behind the passionate, fun, and genre-free project that is United Duality. Based in Celle, Germany, Wendt leads with skilful guitar work and strength of songwriting. In addition though, he fills out every single with layers of instrumentation and colour – often self-crafted, often through collaborations with other vocalists and musicians; always to beautifully engaging and uplifting results.

Despite a notably varied string of influences, United Duality makes music with clear links to and inspiration from the likes of The Beatles and other pop-rock creatives of the sixties and seventies. You can hear this approach across releases, even among such strong eclecticism – from the experimental rock soundscape of Purple Heron to the collaborative folk delicacy of See-Saw, there’s something enjoyably familiar about the United Duality sound; an admirable sense of identity runs throughout everything.

In recent years, several original releases have made the airwaves of numerous independent radio stations. The unmistakable and historically rooted ‘Sexy Sadie Passed Away’ even made it to number one towards the end of 2018, over on ‘B.I.G. Indie Giant, South Africa’.

Being naturally connected to this art form, and having already released an impressive level of new songs, Ortwin Wendt and his creative muse show no signs of slowing down. A full-length album is expected in the near future – 13 original songs under the title ‘Enlightening Snapshots’. The project will take listeners on a journey through varied genres and life experiences, entertaining them yet also closing the gap between artist and audience – letting you build that understanding and connection that we so often turn to music for. The next single to emerge will be a Spanish piece entitled ‘Igual’ – another step in a creatively free direction, and another reason to let yourself get lost in the endlessly immersive realm of the United Duality catalogue.